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This is a listing of rare and uncommon cards issued in The Two Towers Collectible Card Game Expansion. If a card is marked OS, then it is NOT in stock. If a priced card is "rare," we probably have only one. Prices are subject to change . Supplies are extremely limited. Starter decks of various types are available for $11 each (at the bottom of the page).

If you want more than one of anything, please contact us before placing your order. To verify availability, you can reach us by e-mail at: sci-fi-col@mindspring.com. Because we have been on-line at this email address since 1995, we receive huge quatities of spam, which we try to delete unopened. Please put something related to your order on the subject line, such as "LOTR cards" or use our shopping cart

We probably have only one of any "rare" priced item, and we will sell on a "first come, first served" basis.

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Foil Cards
Price Card Name Culture Type Rarity
$7.00•Axe of EreborPossessionDwarvenR
$3.00Band of Uruk BowmenMinionIsengard U
$1.00Easterling Lieutenant MinionRaider C
$1.00•Fereveldir, Son of ThandronenCompanionElvenC
$1.00Hillman BandMinion DunlandC
$3.00•Pengedhel, Naith Warrior CompanionElvenU
$7.00Ravage the DefeatedEventDunlandR
$1.00Search Far and WideEventDwarvenC
$3.00•Stout and StrongCondition Dwarven U
$3.00Western Emyn Muil Site U

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The Two Towers Cards
Price Card Name Type Culture Rarity
$1.00Advance Uruk PatrolMinionIsengard U
$3.00•Aldor, Soldier of EdorasAllyRohanR
$3.00Alliance ReforgedEventElvenR
$1.00An Honorable ChargeEventRohanU
OS•Aragorn, Wingfoot CompanionGondor4 P 364
$1.00Arrow and BladeEventElvenU
$1.00•Arrow From the South ConditionRaider U
$1.00Arrows Thick in the AirEventGondorU
$3.00•Axe of EreborPossessionDwarvenR
$1.00Band of Uruk BowmenMinionIsengard U
$3.00BanishedCondition Isengard R
$1.00Barrows of EdorasSiteU
$1.00•Behold the White RiderConditionGandalfU
OSBeyond All HopeEventIsengard 4 R 140
$1.00Blades DrawnConditionElven U
$3.00•Boromir, My Brother ConditionGondor R
$1.00•BregoPossession RohanU
$1.00Brought Back AliveEventIsengard U
OSBurning of WestfoldConditionIsengard4 R 144
$1.00Cavern EntranceSite U
$1.00Caves of AglarondSite U
$1.00•Ceorl, Weary Horseman CompanionRohanU
$3.00•Cliffs of Emyn Muil Condition Shire R
$3.00Come DownCondition Isengard R
$1.00Come Here LadEventDwarvenU
$3.00Company of Archers EventElvenR
$3.00Constantly ThreateningCondition Dunland R
$1.00Covering FireCondition Isengard U
$1.00•Damrod, Ranger of Ithilien CompanionGondorU
$1.00Death to the StrawheadsEvent Dunland U
$1.00Deep of HelmSite U
$1.00Deeping WallSite U
$1.00DerndingleSite U
$1.00•Desert Lancers Minion Raider U
$3.00•Desert Legion Minion Raider R
$3.00•Desert Lord Minion Raider R
$1.00Desert SoldierMinionRaider U
OSDiscovered EventRaider4 R 223
$1.00•Down to the Last ChildCondition Isengard U
OSDriven Back EventIsengard4 R 149
$1.00Dunlending ArsonistMinionDunland U
$1.00Dunlending LooterMinionDunland U
$1.00Dunlending PillagerMinionDunland U
$3.00Dwarven ForesightEventDwarvenR
$1.00East Wall of RohanSite U
$1.00Eastemnet DownsSite U
$1.00Eastemnet Gullies Site U
$4.00•Easterling CaptainMinion Raider R
OSEasterling Skirmisher MinionRaider4 R 229
$1.00Easterling Trooper MinionRaider U
OS•Eastern Emyn MuilCondition Raider4 R 231
$1.00EastfoldSite U
$1.00Elite ArcherMinionRaider U
OS•Elite CrossbowmenMinion Isengard4 R 150
$1.00Elven BowPossessionElvenU
$1.00Elven BroochPossessionElvenU
OS•Éomer, Third Marshal of Riddermark Companion Rohan4 R 267
$1.00•Éomer's SpearPossessionRohan U
$3.00•Éothain, Scout of the MarkCompanionRohanR
OS•Éowyn, Sister-daughter of Théoden Companion Rohan4 R 271
$3.00•Éowyn's SwordPossessionRohanR
$1.00Ered NimraisSite U
OS•Erethón, Naith LieutenantCompanionElven4 R 65
$3.00•Ever My Heart RisesCondition Dwarven R
$3.00EscapeCondition Shire R
$1.00Fangorn ForestSite U
$8.00•Faramir, Captain of GondorCompanionGondorR
$4.00•Faramir's BowPossessionGondorR
OS•Faramir's CloakPossessionGondor4 R 119
$1.00FearlessEventRaider U
$1.00FeatheredEventElven U
$3.00•Final CountConditionElven R
$4.00•Firefoot PossessionRohanR
$1.00Flanking AttackEventRaider
$3.00•Forbidden Pool Condition Gondor R
OS•Forests of IthilienCondition Gondor4 R 121
$1.00Forth Eorlingas! EventRohan U
$1.00•Fortress Never FallenCondition RohanU
$1.00Fortress of OrthancSite U
OS•Frodo, Courteous HalflingCompanionShire4 R 301
$4.00•Frodo's CloakPossessionShireR
$1.00From the ArmoryCondition Dwarven U
$8.00•Gandalf, GreyhameCompanionGandalfR
$4.00•Gandalf's Staff, Walking StickArtifactGandalfR
OS•Gimli, LockbearerCompanionDwarven4 R 48
$1.00Get BackEventIsengard U
OSGet On and Get AwayEventShire 4 R 304
$1.00Golden Hall Site U
$1.00•Good WorkCondition Shire U
$1.00Great HallSite U
$6.00•Gríma, WormtongueMinion Isengard R
$3.00Grown Suddenly TallEventGandalf R
$1.00Hard Choice EventGondor U
$1.00Haunting Her StepsEventIsengard U
OS•Hearken to MeCondition Gandalf4 R 94
$3.00Helm! Helm! EventRohanR
$1.00Helm's GateSite U
OSHelp in Doubt and NeedCondition Gondor4 R 124
OS•Henneth AnnûnCondition Gondor 4 R 125
$1.00•Herugrim PossessionRohanU
OSHidesPossession Dunland4 R 19
OS•Hill Chief Minion Dunland4 R 20
OS•Hillman HordeMinion Dunland4 R 22
OSHillman MobMinion Dunland4 R 23
$1.00Hillman RabbleMinion DunlandU
$1.00Hornburg ArmorySite U
$1.00Hornburg CausewaySite U
$1.00Hornburg CourtyardSite U
$1.00Hornburg ParapetSite U
$1.00Horse-countrySite U
$1.00Howl of HaradCondition Raider U
$3.00Impatient and AngryEventShireR
$3.00Into Dark Tunnels EventGandalfR
$1.00•Ithilien TrapCondition Gondor U
$3.00•Ithilien WildernessCondition RaiderR
$1.00Keep Your Forked TongueEventGandalfU
$3.00Killing FieldConditionElven R
OS•King's MailPossessionRohan4 R 284
$1.00King's RoomSite
$3.00LeechcraftCondition IsengardR
$8.00•Legolas, Dauntless HunterCompanionElvenR
OSLembasPossessionElven4 R 75
$1.00•Léod, Westfold HerdsmanAllyRohanU
$4.00•Lieutenant of OrthancMinion Isengard R
$1.00Light Shining FaintlyEventShireU
$1.00Living Off RockConditionDunland U
$1.00Lórien Is Most WelcomeCondition Elven U
$1.00•Mablung, Soldier of GondorCompanionGondorU
$1.00Many RiddlesCondition Isengard U
$3.00•Mauhúr, Patrol LeaderMinion Isengard R
$3.00Men of HaradCondition Raider R
$1.00Men Will FallEventIsengardU
$7.00•Merry, Unquenchable HobbitCompanionShireU
$1.00Mind Your Own AffairsEventShireU
$3.00•My Axe Is NotchedCondition Dwarven R
$3.00New FearEventRaiderR
$3.00New Power RisingEventIsengardR
OSNight Without End EventElven4 R 79
$3.00No Dawn for MenEventIsengardR
$1.00No DefenseCondition DunlandU
$3.00•No RefugeCondition DunlandR
$3.00No RetreatCondition Dunland R
$1.00•Ordulus, Young WarriorCompanionElvenU
$1.00Orthanc BalconySite U
$3.00•Orthanc ChampionMinionIsengard R
$1.00Orthanc Library Site U
$1.00•Over the IsenCondition DunlandU
$1.00Palantír ChamberSite U
$1.00•Pengedhel, Naith Warrior CompanionElvenU
$3.00Pillage of RohanConditionIsengardR
OS•Pippin, Just a NuisanceCompanionShire4 R 313
$1.00Plains of RohanSite U
$1.00Plains of Rohan CampSite U
$1.00Quick As May BeEventDwarvenU
OSRace Across the MarkConditionIsengard4 R 168
$1.00Raiders From the East ConditionRaider U
$3.00•Ranged CommanderMinion Isengard R
$1.50•Ranger's Sword, Blade of Aragorn PossessionGondor U
$1.00•Ranks Without NumberCondition IsengardU
OSRapid FireEventRaider4 R 243
$3.00Ravage the DefeatedEventDunlandR
$3.00•Regiment of HaradrimMinion Raider R
OSRest by Blind NightEventDwarven4 R 54
OSRest While You CanConditionIsengard4 R 171
OSRestless AxeEventDwarven4 R 55
$1.00Ring of IsengardSite U
$3.00Rohan Is MineConditionIsengardR
$1.00Rohirrim Village Site U
$1.00Roll of ThunderEventGandalfU
$3.00•Ruins of OsgiliathCondition Gondor R
$8.00•Sam, Frodo's GardenerCompanionShireR
OS•Sam's PackPossessionShire4 R 317
$7.00•Saruman, Black TraitorMinion Isengard R
$7.00•Saruman, Rabble-rouserMinion Dunland R
$5.00•Saruman's Staff, Wizard's DeviceArtifact Isengard R
$1.00•Secret Folk Condition Dunland U
$1.00Seven We HadEventShireU
$4.00•ShadowfaxPossession Gandalf R
OSSouthron ArcherMinionRaider4 R 245
$3.00Southron AssassinMinionRaiderR
$3.00Southron BowPossession Raider R
$1.00Southron Commander MinionRaiderU
$1.00Southron ExplorerMinionRaiderU
$3.00Southron FighterMinionRaiderR
$1.00Southron SentryMinionRaiderU
OSSouthron TroopMinionRaider4 R 256
OSSouthron VeteransMinionRaider4 R 257
$1.00StablesSite U
$1.00•Stout and StrongCondition Dwarven U
$1.00Streets of EdorasSite U
$1.00•Strength of ArmsConditionElven U
$1.00Stump and BrambleEventGandalfU
OSSupplies of the MarkCondition Rohan4 R 290
OS•Théoden, Lord of the MarkCompanionRohan4 P 365
OS•The One Ring, Answer to All RiddlesThe One Ring 4 R 1
OS•The Palantír of Orthanc,
Seventh Seeing-stone
ArtifactIsengard4 R 166
$1.00The Riddermark Site U
$1.00•Thónnas, Naith CaptainCompanionElvenU
$1.00Throne Room Site U
OS•Treebeard, EarthbornAllyGandalf4 R 103
OS•Uglúk, Servant of SarumanMinionIsengard4 R 176
$4.00•Uglúk's SwordPossessionIsengardR
$3.00Uruk Assault BandMinionIsengardR
$1.00Uruk CampSite U
$1.00Uruk Crossbow TroopMinionIsengardU
$3.00Uruk FollowerMinion IsengardR
$1.00Uruk HunterMinion IsengardU
$1.00Uruk SearcherMinion IsengardU
OSUruk TrooperMinion Isengard4 R 199
OSUruk VanguardMinion Isengard4 R 200
$1.00Uruk VeteranMinion IsengardU
$1.00Uruk-hai BandMinion IsengardU
OSUruk-hai HordeMinion Isengard4 R 203
$1.00Uruk-hai MobMinion IsengardU
OSValleys of the MarkCondtion Rohan4 R 293
$1.00VengeanceEvent IsengardU
OSVision From AfarEventRaider4 R 259
$3.00Volley Fire EventIsengardR
OSWake of DestructionEventDunland4 R 35
$1.00War ClubPossessionDunlandU
$3.00Weapon StoreCondtionRohanR
OSWeapons of IsengardCondtionIsengard4 R 211
$1.00•Weland, Smith of the RiddermarkAllyRohanU
OSWell Met IndeedEventGandalf4 R 106
$1.00Well Stored CondtionRohan
$1.00Westemnet HillsSite U
$1.00Westemnet PlainsSite U
$1.00Western Emyn Muil Site U
OSWhat Did You Discover?Condtion Isengard4 R 213
$3.00Where Has Gríma Stowed It?Event Isengard R
$1.00White MountainsSite U
$1.00White RocksSite U
$1.00Wild Man of DunlandMinion DunlandU
$3.00Wild Man RaidEvent DunlandR
OSWindows in a Stone Wall Condition Gandalf4 R 107
$1.00Wizardry IndeedEventGandalf U
$1.00Wizard's ValeSite U
$1.00Wold of Rohan Site U
OSWoundedConditionIsengard4 R 215
$3.00Wrath of HaradConditionRaider R
$3.00•Wulf, Dunlending ChieftainMinionDunland R

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