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This is a listing of rare and uncommon cards issued in the Lord of the Rings: Black Rider Collectible Card Game Expansion. If a card is marked OS, then it is NOT in stock. If a priced card is "rare," we probably have only one. Prices are subject to change . Supplies are extremely limited. Starter decks of various types are available for $11 each (at the bottom of the page).

If you want more than one of anything, please contact us before placing your order. To verify availability, you can reach us by e-mail at: sci-fi-col@mindspring.com. Because we have been on-line at this email address since 1995, we receive huge quatities of spam, which we try to delete unopened. Please put something related to your order on the subject line, such as "LOTR cards" or use our shopping cart

We probably have only one of any "rare" priced item, and we will sell on a "first come, first served" basis.

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Rarity Key R = Rare | U = Uncommon | S = Starter Deck-only

Foil Cards
PriceCard Name Type Culture Rarity
•Faramir, Dúnadan of GondorCompanionGondor12 R 47
•Faramir's SwordPossessionGondor12 R 48
•Gandalf, The White Rider CompanionGandalf12 R 27
•The Witch-king, Black LordMinionWraith 12 R 183
•Uruk ZealotMinionUruk-hai12 R 155

Rarity Key R = Rare | U = Uncommon | C = Common | S = Starter Deck-only

Black Rider Cards
PriceCard Name Type Culture Rarity
$0.50A Clamour of Many Voices ConditionDwarven12 U 3
OSA PromiseConditionShire12 R 128
OSAbiding Evil EventOrc12 R 81
$0.50Argument Ready to HandEventDwarven12 U 1
$0.50Barbaric UrukMinionUruk-hai12 U 135
OSBarrage EventOrc12 R 82
$0.50Belt of EreborPossessionDwarven12 U 2
$0.50Berserker Torch PossessionUruk-hai12 U 136
$0.50Betrayal of IsengardConditionGandalf12 U 25
$5.00•Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit CompanionShire12 R 119
$0.50Black RiderMinionWraith12 U 161
$3.00•Blade of Gondor, Sword of BoromirPossessionGondor12 R 42
$0.50•Boromir, Defender of Minas TirithCompanionGondor12 U 43
$0.50Broken HeirloomEventUruk-hai12 U 138
OSBroken in DefeatEventUruk-hai12 R 139
OSBrutal EasterlingMinionMen12 S 55
$3.00Cast OutConditionRohan12 R 108
OS•Castamir of Umbar, Corsair VandalMinionMen12 R 56
$4.00•Cave Troll of Moria, Savage MenaceMinionOrc12 R 85
$3.00•Cave Troll's Hammer, Unwieldy CudgelPossessionOrc12 R 86
OSCoif PossessionRohan12 R 111
OSCome AwayConditionGollum12 R 37
$3.00Corrupted Spy MinionMen12 R 57
$0.50Countless CompaniesConditionMen12 U 58
$0.50Crushing UrukMinionUruk-hai12 U 140
$3.00Dark AllianceConditionUruk-hai12 R 141
OSDark ApproachEventWraith12 R 162
$3.00Dark TemptationConditionWraith12 R 163
OSDiscoveriesEventGandalf12 R 26
$3.00DiversionEventShire12 R 120
OSDunlending ZealotMinionMen12 U 62
$0.50Dwarven BracersPossessionDwarven12 U 5
$0.50Easterling Banner-bearerMinionMen12 U 63
$6.00•Elrond, Witness to HistoryCompanionElven12 R 17
OSEmyn MuilSite12 S 187
$0.50•Éomer, Éored LeaderCompanionRohan12 U 112
OSÉored WarriorCompanionRohan12 S 113
OS•Faramir, Dúnadan of GondorCompanionGondor12 R 47
$3.00•Faramir's SwordPossessionGondor12 R 48
OSFrenzied DunlendingMinionMen12 S 65
OSFrom Deep in ShadowEventGollum12 R 38
$6.00•Gandalf, The White Rider CompanionGandalf12 R 27
$3.00•Gandalf's HatPossessionGandalf12 R 28
$0.50Gathering StrengthEventMen12 U 66
$0.50Gondorian SteedPossessionGondor12 U 49
$4.00•Gríma, Betrayer of Rohan MinionMen12 R 68
$0.50Guardian ConditionGondor12 U 50
OS•HadafangPossessionElven12 R 18
OS•Haethen, Veteran FighterCompanionRohan12 R 116
OSHarrying Hillman MinionMen12 R 69
OSHill of Sight Site12 S 188
OSHobbiton MarketSite12 S 189
$0.50In the Ringwraith's WakeEventWraith12 U 165
$0.50IntrospectionEventGandalf12 U 29
$0.50Invigorated ConditionGondor12 U 51
OS•Járnsmid, Barding EmissaryCompanionGandalf12 R 30
$0.50•Last DaysConditionMen12 U 71
$0.50•Léofric, Defender of the MarkCompanionRohan12 U 117
$0.50Lingering Shadow ConditionWraith12 U 166
OS•Long-knives of LegolasPossessionElven12 R 19
$3.00Long Live the Halflings ConditionShire12 R 124
OSLoud and StrongConditionDwarven12 R 9
OSMeasure of Comfort ConditionShire12 S 125
OS•Messenger's Mount PossessionMen12 R 72
$0.50Minas Morgul AnswersEventWraith12 U 167
$0.50Mordor AggressorMinionOrc12 U 89
$0.50Morgul Tormentor MinionOrc12 U 90
OSMûmak Rider MinionMen12 R 74
OSNo Pauses, No SpillsEventDwarven12 R 10
OSNo Worse for Wear EventShire12 S 126
$0.50Nobody Tosses a Dwarf EventDwarven12 U 11
OSNorthern PelennorSite12 S 190
$0.50Not AloneConditionGollum12 U 39
OSOrc ArtisanMinionOrc12 R 91
$0.50Orc SapperMinionOrc12 U 94
$0.50Orc StrategistMinionOrc12 U 97
$5.00•Pippin, Hobbit of Some IntelligenceCompanionShire12 R 127
$0.50Pitiless OrcMinionOrc12 U 99
$3.00Poisonous WordsEventMen12 R 75
$0.50•Proud and AbleConditionDwarven12 U 12
$3.00•Rallying OrcMinionOrc12 R 100
$0.50RefugeConditionElven12 U 21
OS•RetributionConditionOrc12 R 101
OS•Rosie Cotton, BarmaidCompanionShire12 R 129
OS•Saruman, Agent of the Dark LordMinionUruk-hai12 S 144
OS•Saruman, Of Many ColoursMinionIsengard12 R 54
$3.00Sauron's GazeConditionWraith12 R 169
$0.50SeclusionEventElven12 U 23
$0.50Sense of ObligationConditionWraith12 U 170
$3.00Shadowy MountPossessionWraith12 R 171
$0.50Sharp DefenseEventDwarven12 U 13
$0.50Shores of Nen HithoelSite12 U 191
$0.50•Simple LivingConditionShire12 U 130
$0.50Slopes of OrodruinSite12 U 192
$0.50Stalwart SupportConditionDwarven12 U 14
$0.50Stand Together ConditionShire12 U 131
$0.50Starkhorn Site12 U 193
$0.50Storming the RampartsEventOrc12 U 103
$0.50Sudden FuryConditionShire12 U 132
$0.50•Suppressing UrukMinionUruk-hai12 U 147
$0.50Taking the High GroundConditionElven12 U 24
$0.50TauntEventOrc12 U 104
$0.50Tempest of WarConditionUruk-hai12 U 148
$0.50The AngleSite12 U 185
$5.00•The Balrog, The Terror of Khazad-dûmMinionMoria12 R 79
OSThe Beckoning ShadowConditionOrc12 R 83
$0.50The Bridge of Khazad-dûmSite12 U 186
OS•The Mouth of Sauron,
Lieutenant of Barad-dûr
MinionSauron12 R 118
OS•The Mouth of Sauron,
Messenger of Mordor
MinionMen12 S 73
OS•The Witch-king, Black LordMinionWraith 12 R 183
$0.50•The Witch-king's Beast, Fell CreaturePossessionWraith12 U 184
OS•Thrarin, Smith of Erebor CompanionDwarven12 U 15
OS•Tolman Cotton, Farmer of BywaterCompanionShire12 S 133
$0.50Trail of TerrorConditionMen12 U 76
$0.50Treacherous Little Toad ConditionGollum12 U 41
OS•Troll's Keyward, Keeper of the BeastMinionOrc12 R 105
$4.00•Úlairë Attëa, Black PredatorMinionWraith12 R 173
OS•Úlairë Cantëa, Black AssassinMinionWraith12 R 174
$4.00•Úlairë Enquëa, Black ThreatMinionWraith12 R 175
$0.50•Úlairë Lemenya, Black EnemyMinionWraith12 U 176
$4.00•Úlairë Otsëa, Black SpecterMinionWraith12 R 179
$0.50•Úlairë Toldëa, Black ShadowMinionWraith12 U 180
$3.00Uruk DecimatorMinionUruk-hai12 R 150
OSUruk DesecratorMinionUruk-hai12 S 151
OS•Uruk DominatorMinionUruk-hai12 S 152
OSUruk SlaughtererMinionUruk-hai12 R 154
$3.00•Uruk ZealotMinionUruk-hai12 R 155
OSUruk-hai GuardMinionUruk-hai12 R 156
$3.00Uruk-hai TroopMinionUruk-hai12 R 157
$0.50Vicious UrukMinionUruk-hai12 U 158
$3.00Watch and WaitConditionGandalf12 R 35
$3.00•Whip of Many Thongs,
Weapon of Flame and Shadow
ArtifactMoria12 R 80
$0.50With Doom We ComeConditionGandalf12 U 36
$0.50Wold BattlefieldSite12 U 194

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Fellowship of the Rings Starter Deck $11
Ents of Fangorn® Starter Decks
Each deck contains a rule book, 60 fixed cards, plus 3 alternate image rares and 2 copies of either Faramir or the Witchking.

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To verify availability, you can reach us by e-mail at: sci-fi-col@mindspring.com We probably have only one of any "rare" priced item, and we will sell on a "first come, first served" basis.

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