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This is a listing of rare and uncommon cards issued in the Lord of the Rings Collectible Card Game. If a card is marked OS, then it is NOT in stock. If a priced card is "rare," we probably have only one. Prices are subject to change . Supplies are extremely limited. Starter decks of various types are available for $11 each (at the bottom of the page).

If you want more than one of anything, please contact us before placing your order. To verify availability, you can reach us by e-mail at: sci-fi-col@mindspring.com. Because we have been on-line at this email address since 1995, we receive huge quatities of spam, which we try to delete unopened. Please put something related to your order on the subject line, such as "LOTR cards" or use our shopping cart

We probably have only one of any "rare" priced item, and we will sell on a "first come, first served" basis.

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Aragorn Starter Deck or
Gandalf Starter Decks
Foil Cards
Price Card Name Culture TypeRarity
$1.00Elendil's ValorEventC
$1.00 Elven BowElvenPossessionC
$1.00 Farin Dwarven EmissaryDwarvenCompanionC
$3.00Frodo's BedroomSiteU
$1.00Hobbit FarmerHobbitAllyC
$1.00Orc ScimitarSauronPossessionC
$3.00Orc Scouting BandSauronMinionU
$3.00Paths Seldom TroddenRingwraithConditionU
$1.00Pinned DownMoriaMinionC
$7.00The Twilight WorldRingwraithEventR
$1.00Uruk MessengerIsengardMinionC

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Price Card Name Culture Type Rarity
$1.00A Host Avails LittleSauronEventU
$1.00A Ranger's VersatilityGondorEventU
$1.00A Talent for Not Being SeenShireConditionU
$3.00A Wizard Is Never LateGandalfEventR
OSAlbert Dreary: Entertainer From BreeGandalfAllyR
$3.00Alive and UnspoiledIsengardConditionR
$1.00All Blades PerishRingwraithEventU
$1.00All Thought Bent on ItSauronEventU
$3.00All Veils RemovedRingwraithEventR
$3.00An Able GuideGondorEventR
$3.00Ancient ChieftainMoriaMinionR
$1.00Ancient EnmityElvenEventU
$1.00Anduin ConfluenceSiteU
$3.00Aragorn: King in ExileGondorCompanionP
$9.00Aragorn: Ranger of the NorthGondorCompanionR
OSAragorn's BowGondorPossessionR
$1.00Aragorn's PipeGondorPossessionU
$3.00Arwen's FateGondorEventR
$7.50Arwen: Daughter of ElrondElvenCompanionR
$1.00Bag EndSiteU
$1.00Balin's TombSiteU
OSBand of the EyeSauronMinionR
$1.00Barliman Butterbur: Prancing Pony ProprietorGandalfAllyU
$3.00Beauty Is FadingRingwraithEventR
$300Bent on DiscoveryRingwraithConditionR
$5.00Bilbo Baggins: Retired AdventurerShireAllyR
$1.00Bilbo's PipeShirePossessionU
$1.00Bitter HatredMoriaEventU
$1.00Black BreathRingwraithConditionU
$4.00Black SteedRingwraithPossessionR
OSBlade of GondorGondorPossessionR
$1.00Blade TipRingwraithConditionU
$1.00Boromir's CloakGondorPossessionU
$8.00Boromir: Lord of GondorGondorCompanionR
$1.00Boromir: Son of DenethorGondorCompanionU
OSBow of the GaladhrimElvenPossessionR
$1.00Bree GateSiteU
$1.00Bree StreetsSiteU
$1.00Breeland ForestSiteU
$1.00Brown LandsSiteU
$1.00Buckleberry FerrySiteU
$3.00Caradhras Has Not Forgiven UsIsengardEventR
$7.00Cave Troll of Moria: Scourge of the Black PitMoriaMinionR
$3.00Cave Troll's HammerMoriaPossessionR
$4.00Celeborn, Lord of LórienElvenAllyR
$3.00Change of PlansGondorEventR
$3.00Cruel CaradhrasIsengardEventR
$1.00Curse From MordorSauronEventU
$3.00Curse Their Foul Feet!ElvenEventR
$3.00Dark WhispersRingwraithEventR
$3.00Denizens EnragedMoriaEventR
OSDesperate Defense of the RingSauronConditionR
$3.00Desperate MeasuresSauronEventR
$1.00Dimrill DaleSiteU
OSDouble ShotElvenEventR
$1.00Drawn to Its PowerRingwraithConditionU
$3.00Durin's SecretGandalfEventR
$1.00Dwarrowdelf ChamberSiteU
$1.00East RoadSiteU
$6.00Elrond: Lord of RivendellElvenAllyR
$1.00Emyn MuilSiteU
$3.00Enduring EvilSauronEventR
$3.00Enheartened FoeSauronEventR
$3.00Farmer Maggot: Chaser of RascalsShireAllyR
$1.00Farmer Maggot's FieldsSiteU
$1.00Foes of MordorGondorConditionU
$3.00Fool of a Took!MoriaEventR
$1.00Ford of BruinenSiteU
$1.00Foul CreationElvenEventU
$1.00Frodo's BedroomSiteU
$8.00Frodo: Old Bilbo's HeirShireCompanionR
$1.00Frozen by FearRingwraithEventU
$8.00Gandalf: Friend of the ShirefolkGandalfCompanionR
$3.00Gandalf: The Grey WizardGandalfCompanionP
$1.00Gandalf's CartGandalfPossessionU
$1.00Gandalf's PipeGandalfPossessionU
$1.00Gift of BoatsElvenConditionU
$1.00Gimli, Dwarf of EreborDwarvenCompanionU
OSGimli, Son of GlóinDwarvenCompanionR
$3.50Gimli's Battle AxeDwarvenPosessionR
OSGimli's HelmDwarvenPossessionR
$1.00Gleaming Spires Will CrumbleSauronConditionU
$3.00Goblin ArcherMoriaMinionR
$3.00Goblin ArmoryMoriaConditionR
$3.00Goblin DomainMoriaConditionR
$1.00Goblin RunnerMoriaMinionU
$1.00Goblin SneakMoriaMinionU
$4.00Goblin SwarmsMoriaConditionR
$3.00Greatest Kingdom of My PeopleDwarvenConditionR
$1.00Green Dragon InnSiteU
$1.00Green Hill CountrySiteU
$1.00Grimir: Dwarven ElderDwarvenAllyU
$3.00Guard CommanderMoriaMinionR
$1.00Haldir: Elf of the Golden WoodElvenCompanionU
$1.00Halfling DeftnessShireEventU
$1.00Hunt Them Down!IsengardEventU
$3.00In the Ringwraith's WakeRingwraithEventR
$3.00Journey Into DangerSauronConditionR
$8.00Legolas: GreenleafElvenCompanionR
$1.00Legolas: Prince of MirkwoodElvenCompanionU
$1.00Let Folly Be Our CloakGandalfEventU
$3.00Lost to the GoblinsMoriaEventR
$1.00Lothlórien WoodsSiteU
$3.00Lurtz's Battle CryIsengardEventR
OSLurtz: Servant of IsengardIsengardMinionR
$1.00Master Proudfoot: Distant Relative of BilboShireAllyU
$6.00Merry: Friend to SamShireCompanionR
$1.00Midgewater MarshesSiteU
$1.00Midgewater MoorsSiteU
$1.00Mithril MineSiteU
$3.00Mithril ShaftDwarvenEventR
$3.00Mordor EnragedSauronConditionR
$3.00Morgul BladeRingwraithPossessionR
OSMorgul GatesRingwraithEventR
$4.00Morgul HunterSauronMinionR
$1.00Morgul SkirmisherSauronMinionU
$1.00Morgul SkulkerSauronMinionU
OSMorgul WardenSauronMinionR
$3.00Moria AxeMoriaPossessionR
$1.00Moria StairwaySiteU
$1.00Nazgûl SwordRingwraithPossessionU
$1.00No Ordinary StormIsengardConditionU
$1.00No Stranger to the ShadowsGondorConditionU
$3.00Nobody Tosses a DwarfDwarvenEventR
$1.00Not Easily DestroyedRingwraithConditionU
$1.00One Whom Men Would FollowGondorEventU
$1.00Orc AssassinSauronMinionU
$3.00Orc BannerSauronConditionR
$3.00Orc BowmenSauronConditionR
$3.00Orc ButcherySauronEventR
$1.00Orc HuntersSauronMinionU
$1.00Orc Scouting BandSauronMinionU
$3.50Orc War BandSauronMinionR
$1.00Orophin: Lórien BowmanElvenAllyU
$3.00Orthanc AssassinIsengardMinionR
$3.00Ottar: Man of LaketownGandalfAllyR
$1.00Pass of CaradhrasSiteU
$1.00Paths Seldom TroddenRingwraithConditionU
$1.00Pillars of the KingsSiteU
$6.00Pippin: Hobbit of Some IntelligenceShireCompanionR
$3.75Power According to His StatureShireEventR
$3.00Pursuit Just BehindGondorEventR
$3.00Questions That Need AnsweringGandalfEventR
$1.00Ranger's SwordGondorPossessionU
$1.00Relentless ChargeRingwraithEventU
$3.00Relics of MoriaMoriaConditionR
OSReturn to Its MasterRingwraithEventR
$1.00Rivendell TerraceSiteU
$1.00Rivendell ValleySiteU
$1.00Rivendell WaterfallSiteU
$1.00Rosie Cotton: Hobbiton LassShireAllyU
$1.00Rúmil: Elven ProtectorElvenAllyU
$8.00Sam: Faithful CompanionShireCompanionR
$1.00Saruman's FrostIsengardConditionU
$1.00Saruman's PowerIsengardEventU
$3.00Saruman's ReachIsengardEventR
$1.00Sauron's DefensesSauronConditionU
OSSavagery to Match Their NumbersIsengardEventR
$1.00Seeking It AlwaysSauronConditionU
$3.00Seeking Its MasterSauronConditionR
$3.00Servant of the Secret FireGandalfEventR
$1.00Shire Lookout PointSiteU
$1.00Shores of Nen HithoelSiteU
$1.00Silinde: Elf of MirkwoodElvenAllyU
$1.00Silverlode BanksSiteU
$1.00Slopes of Amon HenSiteU
$3.00Spies of SarumanIsengardConditionR
$1.00Stand Against DarknessElvenEventU
$5.00Stone TrollsShireConditionR
$3.00Strength of KingsGondorEventR
$1.00Support of the Last Homely HouseElvenEventU
$1.00Swan-ship of the GaladhrimElvenEventU
$1.00Sword of Minas MorgulRingwraithPossessionU
$3.00The Choice of LúthienGondorConditionR
$3.00The Council of ElrondElvenEventR
$1.00The Dark Lord's SummonsSauronConditionU
$3.00The End ComesMoriaEventR
$1.00The Gaffer's PipeShirePossessionU
$3.00The Gaffer: Sam's FatherShireAllyR
$3.00The Irresistible ShadowSauronConditionR
$3.00The Last Alliance of Elves and MenElvenConditionR
$1.00The Long DarkMoriaConditionU
$1.00The Master's WillRingwraithEventU
OSThe Mirror of GaladrielElvenPossessionR
$3.00The Misadventure of Mr. UnderhillIsengardConditionR
$1.00The Nine Servants of SauronRingwraithConditionU
$7.00The Nine WalkersGandalfConditionR
$1.00The Number Must Be FewSauronConditionU
OSThe One Ring: Isildur's BaneOne RingR
$5.00The Pale BladeRingwraithPossessionR
$1.00The Prancing PonySiteU
$3.00The Saga of ElendilGondorConditionR
$4.00The Splendor of Their BannersElvenConditionR
$3.75The Tale of Gil-galadElvenConditionR
$4.00The Twilight WorldRingwraithEventR
$3.00The Underdeeps of MoriaMoriaConditionR
$3.00The Weight of a LegacySauronConditionR
$9.00The Witch-king: Lord of AngmarRingwraithMinionR
$1.00Their Power Is in TerrorRingwraithEventU
$3.00Thin and StretchedSauronConditionR
$1.00Thrarin: Dwarven SmithDwarvenAllyU
$1.00Threshold of ShadowRingwraithEventU
$3.50Thrór's MapShirePossessionR
$1.00Through the Misty MountainsMoriaConditionU
$1.00Tol BrandirSiteU
$1.00Tower LieutenantSauronMinionU
$1.00Traitor's VoiceIsengardConditionU
$3.00Troll's KeywardMoriaMinionR
$1.00Trollshaw ForestSiteU
OSTroop of Uruk-haiIsengardMinionR
$5.00Úlairë Attëa, Keeper of Dol GuldurRingwraithMinionR
OSÚlairë Cantëa: Lieutenant of Dol GoldurRingwraithMinionR
$1.00Úlairë Enquëa: Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinionU
$1.00Úlairë Lemenya: Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinionU
$1.00Úlairë Nelya: Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinionU
$1.00Úlairë Nertëa: Messenger of Dol GuldurRingwraithMinionU
$1.00Úlairë Ostëa: Lieutenant of MorgulRingwraithMinionU
OSÚlairë Toldëa: Messenger of MorgulRingwraithMinionR
$3.00Uruk GuardIsengardMinionR
$3.00Uruk LieutenantIsengardMinionR
$1.00Uruk SlayerIsengardMinionU
$4.00Uruk SpyIsengardMinionR
$1.00Uruk-hai RampageIsengardConditionU
$3.00Valiant Man of the WestGondorEventR
$3.00Wealth of MoriaDwarvenEventR
$1.00What Is This New Devilry?MoriaConditionU
$1.00Wreathed in ShadowRingwraithConditionU

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Ents of Fangorn® Starter Decks
Each deck contains a rule book, 60 fixed cards, including 3 alternate version rares and 2 copies of either Faramir or the Witchking.


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