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Science Fiction Collectibles stocks science fiction and fantasy collectibles and memorabilia from Star Trek™, Babylon 5™, Star Wars™ and Quantum Leap™.

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Quantum Leap™

Quantum Leap Mugs Al and the Quantum Accelerator $15 each,
Sam is sold out!
Set of Quantum Leap Mugs: Al and the Quantum Accelerator $25

If ordering by email instead of using the cart, specify Al or Quantum Accelerator, or set. We have no more Sam mugs!
Quantum Leap Keychain (Plastic, with picture of Sam and Al on the front) $3.50
Quantum Leap Button of Sam (professionally produced) $2.00.
Buy a set of QL mugs, and get the button and key chain free!

Hallmark Ornaments™

Ornaments are NEW, in the original boxes. Boxes may not be in "mint" condition anymore, with some minor shelf damage, but they are still excellent. Additional pictures are available upon request.We only have one of each!

Star Trek™