Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Second Edition
by Deciper®

This is a listing of all the rare and uncommon cards issued in the revised, second edition game. Decipher states that some of the new cards are playable in the old series, but the cards from the first edition and expansion sets are not playable in the second edition game. OS means out of stock. Prices quoted are subject to change. Supplies are limited. Buy now!

Hand-sorted "starter decks" (1st Edition!) containing at least 10 uncommon cards and 60 or more common cards, for $5 each, are available. Each deck will contain at least 6 mission (or objective) cards, 1 outpost, 2 ships, and a mix of personnel, equipment, interrupt, event, and dilemma cards. Within each affiliation, starter decks are almost identical. The following affiliations are currently available:

  • Dilemma, Interrupt, and Event assortments are also available.
  • Other alignments may be available upon request.

    If you want to order more than one card, please verify availability before paying. To verify availability, you can reach us by e-mail at: Because we have been on-line at this email address since 1995, we receive huge quatities of spam, which we try to delete unopened. Please put something related to your order on the subject line, such as "STNG cards."

    We probably have only one of any "rare" priced item, and we will sell on a "first come, first served" basis.

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    Price Card Name Card Type Alignment Card Number
    $4.00A Chance for GloryEvent1 R 73
    $0.75A Living DeathDilemma1 U 1
    OSA Treasure Beyond ComparisonEvent1 R 74
    $1.00Abduction PlotMission1 S 148
    $1.00Access Relay StationMission1 U 149
    $1.00Acquire Illicit ExplosivesMission1 U 150
    OSAggressive BehaviorDilemma1 R 2
    $1.00Alidar Jarok, Conscientious AdmiralPersonnelRom1 U 354
    OSAlien Gambling DeviceEquipment1 R 61
    $4.00Alternate IdentityInterrupt1 R 120
    $4.00Altovar, Vindictive CriminalPersonnelNon1 R 318
    OSAlyssa Ogawa, Enterprise Medical AssistanPersonnelFed1 R 252
    $4.00Amanda RogersInterrupt1 R 121
    $1.00Amnesty TalksMission1 U 151
    $1.00Andrea Brand, Academy SuperintendentPersonnelFed1 U 253
    $1.00AriPersonnelCar1 U 229
    OSArmus RouletteDilemma1 R 5
    OSArrest OrderInterrupt1 R 122
    $4.00Assassination AttemptDilemma1 R 7
    $1.00Assault VesselShipBaj1 U 380
    OSAwaiting TrialEvent1 R 76
    $1.00Back-flush Bussard CollectorsEvent1 U 77
    $1.00BaH!Event1 U 78
    $1.00Bajor, Gift of the ProphetsMission1 U 152
    $1.00Bajoran Phaser PistolEquipment1 U 62
    OSBareil Antos, Esteemed VedekPersonnelBaj1 R 208
    $4.00Battle DrillsEvent1 R 80
    $1.50Benjamin Sisko, Defiant CaptainPersonnelFed1 S 256
    $5.50Benjamin Sisko, The Emissary of the ProphetsPersonnelBaj1 R 209
    OSBerserk ChangelingDilemma1 R 10
    $5.00B'Etor, Sister of DurasPersonnelKli1 R 293
    OSBeverly Crusher, Chief Medical OfficerPersonnelFed1 R 257
    $1.00BlendedDilemma1 U 11
    $4.00Bo'rak, Klingon Intelligence AgentPersonnelKli1 R 294
    OSBralekShipCar1 R 383
    $1.00Brull, Encampment LeaderPersonnelNon1 U 321
    $1.00Brutal StruggleEvent1 U 82
    $1.00Cardassia Prime, Hardscrabble WorldMission1 U 153
    $1.00Cardassian Phaser PistolEquipment1 U 63
    $1.00Cargo RendezvousMission1 U 154
    $1.00Changeling ResearchMission1 U 155
    $1.00Chart Stellar ClusterMission1 U 156
    $1.00Chorgan, Leader of the GatherersPersonnelNon1 U 322
    $1.00Collect SampleMission1 U 157
    $1.00Colony PreparationsMission1 U 158
    $1.00Comfort WomenInterrupt1 U 123
    $1.00Command DecisionsDilemma1 S 17
    $3.75Condition CaptiveInterrupt1 R 124
    OSCorbin Entek, Undercover Operations SupervisorPersonnelCar1 R 230
    $1.00Cretak, Supporter of the AlliancePersonnelRom1 S 356
    $1.00Cry "Havoc!"Event1 S 83
    $1.00Cure BlightMission1 U 159
    $1.00Damaged ReputationDilemma1 U 20
    $1.00Damar, Loyal GlinnPersonnelCar1 U 231
    $1.00Danar, Irascible GulPersonnelCar1 U 232
    $1.00Darhe'el, The Butcher of GallitepPersonnelCar1 U 233
    $1.00D'Arsay ArchiveEvent1 S 84
    $5.50Data, AspirerPersonnelFed1 R 259
    OSDathon, Speaker of TamaPersonnelNon1 R 324
    $1.00Days of AtonementEvent1 U 85
    $1.00D'deridexShipRom1 S 408
    $1.00D'deridex AdvancedShipRom1 U 409
    $5.00Deanna Troi, Guide and ConsciencePersonnelFed1 R 261
    $1.00Deliver SuppliesMission1 U 160
    $1.00DeranasShipRom1 U 410
    OSDimensional ShiftingInterrupt1 R 125
    OSDonatra, Compassionate PatriotPersonnelRom1 R 357
    OSDrumheadDilemma1 R 23
    OSDukat, Military AdvisorPersonnelCar1 R 235
    OSDuras, Son of a TraitorPersonnelKli1 R 296
    $1.00Earth, Cradle of the FederationMission1 S 161
    $1.00Earth, Home of Starfleet CommandMission1 U 162
    OSElim Garak, Agent of the Obsidian OrderPersonnelCar1 R 236
    $1.00Eliminate HarvestersMission1 U 163
    $1.00Elizabeth Shelby, Formidable PresencePersonnelFed1 S 262
    $3.75Empathic TouchInterrupt1 R 126
    OSEnabran Tain, Head of the Obsidian OrderPersonnelCar1 R 238
    $1.00Encounter at FarpointMission1 U 164
    OSEnemy Boarding PartyDilemma1 R 24
    OSEngage CloakEvent1 R 87
    $1.00Equipment MalfunctionDilemma1 S 25
    OSEscapeInterrupt1 R 127
    $1.00Etana Jol, Ktarian OperativePersonnelNon1 U 326
    $1.00Evacuate ColonyMission1 U 165
    $1.00Evasive ManeuversInterrupt1 U 128
    OSEvek, Attaché to the Demilitarized ZonePersonnelCar1 R 239
    $1.00ExcavationMission1 U 166
    $1.00Explore Black ClusterMission1 S 167
    $4.00Explosive DecompressionDilemma1 R 26
    $1.00ExtractionMission1 U 168
    $1.00Feldomite RushMission1 U 169
    $1.00Fissure ResearchMission1 S 170
    $4.00For All Our SonsEvent1 R 89
    $1.00Furel, Resistance FighterPersonnelBaj1 U 212
    $1.00Geological SurveyMission1 S 171
    OSGeordi La Forge, Chief EngineerPersonnelFed1 R 263
    $1.00Gideon Seyetik, Great TerraformerPersonnelFed1 U 264
    $1.00Gilora Rejal, Subspace ResearcherPersonnelCar1 U 240
    $1.00Gowron, Leader of the High CouncilPersonnelKli1 S 297
    $1.00Grathon Tolar, Hologram ForgerPersonnelNon1 U 328
    OSGravimetric DistortionDilemma1 R 27
    OSGraviton EllipseDilemma1 R 28
    $4.00HaakonaShipRom1 R 411
    $1.00HazarPersonnelBaj1 U 213
    $1.00Hiren, Romulan PraetorPersonnelRom1 U 359
    $1.00Host Metaphasic Shielding TestMission1 S 172
    OSHow Would You Like a Trip to Romulus?Event1 R 90
    $1.00Hunt for DNA ProgramMission1 U 173
    $1.00Iconia InvestigationMission1 U 174
    $4.00I.K.S. Hegh'taShipKli1 R 397
    $1.00I.K.S. K'VortShipKli1 U 399
    $1.00I.K.S. LukaraShipKli1 U 400
    OSI.K.S. Maht-H'aShipKli1 R 401
    OSI.K.S. Rotarran, Ship of TearsShipKli1 R 402
    $1.00I.K.S. Vor'chaShipKli1 S 403
    OSImpressive TrophiesDilemma1 R 30
    OSInspiring LeaderEvent1 R 91
    $1.00Intercept MaquisMission1 U 175
    $1.00Intercept RenegadeMission1 S 176
    $1.00Investigate Alien ProbeMission1 U 177
    $1.00Investigate CoupMission1 S 178
    $1.00Investigate MassacreMission1 U 179
    $1.00Investigate Rogue CometMission1 S 180
    $1.00Investigate RumorsMission1 U 181
    $1.00Investigate SightingMission1 U 182
    OSJadzia Dax, Science OfficerPersonnelFed1 R 266
    OSJean-Luc Picard, Argo PilotPersonnelFed1 R 267
    $1.50Jean-Luc Picard, ExplorerPersonnelFed1 S 268
    OSJo'Bril, Patient SchemerPersonnelNon1 R 331
    $4.00Joret Dal, Patriotic VisionaryPersonnelCar1 R 242
    OSJulian Bashir, "Frontier" PhysicianPersonnelFed1 R 269
    $1.00Just Like Old TimesEvent1 U 92
    $1.00Kahlest, GhojmoH of WorfPersonnelKli1 S 300
    $1.00Kalandra, Battlefield SurgeonPersonnelFed1 U 270
    $4.00Kamala, The Perfect MatePersonnelNon1 R 332
    $4.00Kang, Honored WarriorPersonnelKli1 R 302
    OSKathryn Janeway, Wry AdmiralPersonnelFed1 R 271
    $1.00Keldon AdvancedShipCar1 U 386
    OSKelvan Show of ForceDilemma1 R 32
    $4.00Kevin UxbridgeInterrupt1 R 129
    $1.00Khitomer InvestigationMission1 S 183
    OSKira Nerys, Colonel KiraPersonnelBaj1 R 216
    $1.00Kitrik, "The Tyrant Molor"PersonnelKli1 S 303
    $1.00Klingon Disruptor PistolEquipment1 U 66
    $1.00K'nera, Klingon Defense Force CommanderPersonnelKli1 S 299
    $1.00Kolaran RaidersDilemma1 S 33
    OSKoloth, D'akturakPersonnelKli1 R 304
    $4.00Kor, Dahar MasterPersonnelKli1 R 305
    $1.00Koroth, High Cleric of BorethPersonnelKli1 U 306
    $1.00Kovat, Public ConservatorPersonnelCar1 U 243
    $1.00Kressari RendezvousMission1 U 184
    $4.00Kurak, Warp Field SpecialistPersonnelKli1 R 308
    $4.00Kurn, Squadron CommanderPersonnelKli1 R 309
    $1.00Labor CampEvent1 U 93
    $1.00Lemec, Posturing NegotiatorPersonnelCar1 U 244
    $1.00Let Honor Guide YouEvent1 U 94
    OSLeyton, Chief of Starfleet OperationsPersonnelFed1 R 272
    $1.00Limited WelcomeDilemma1 S 34
    $1.00Li Nalas, Legend of BajorPersonnelBaj1 S 217
    OSLovok, Tal Shiar ColonelPersonnelRom1 R 361
    $1.00Lupaza, Resistance FighterPersonnelBaj1 U 218
    $4.00Lursa, Sister of DurasPersonnelKli1 R 310
    OSLuther Sloan, Man of SecretsPersonnelFed1 R 275
    OSMadred, Calculating CaptorPersonnelCar1 R 245
    OSMaglockDilemma1 R 35
    $4.00Makbar, Chief ArchonPersonnelCar1 R 246
    $1.00Marouk, Sovereign of AcamarPersonnelNon1 U 335
    $4.00Martok, Soldier of the EmpirePersonnelKli1 R 311
    $1.00Medical ReliefMission1 U 185
    OSMiles O'Brien, Chief of OperationsPersonnelFed1 R 277
    $1.00Military ExercisesMission1 U 186
    $1.00Mining SurveyMission1 S 187
    $1.00Mission BriefingInterrupt1 S 131
    $1.00Mora Pol, Pioneering ScientistPersonnelBaj1 U 219
    OSMorka, Klingon Intelligence AgentPersonnelKli1 R 313
    OSMorn, BarflyPersonnelNon1 R 337
    $1.00Mouth of the Wormhole, Deep Space 9Mission1 S 188
    $1.00Movar, Political GeneralPersonnelRom1 S 363
    OSNanite AttackDilemma1 R 39
    $1.00Nel Apgar, Temperamental ResearcherPersonnelNon1 U 338
    OSNelvana TrapEvent1 R 96
    $1.00No Love for the Spoon HeadsEvent1 U 97
    OSNo Peace in Our TimeEvent1 R 98
    OSNog, Eager CadetPersonnelFed1 R 279
    $1.00Nothing That Happens is Truly RandomEvent1 U 99
    OSNu'Daq, Tenacious RivalPersonnelKli1 R 314
    OSN'Vek, Soldier of the UndergroundPersonnelRom1 R 364
    $1.00"Observer" from the Obsidian OrderEvent1 U 100
    OSOcett, Dogged RivalPersonnelCar1 R 248
    OSOdo, ConstablePersonnelBaj1 R 220
    $4.00Opaka, Kai of BajorPersonnelBaj1 R 221
    $1.00Order of the Bat'lethEvent1 U 101
    $1.00Pegasus SearchMission1 U 189
    OSPersonal DutyDilemma1 R 42
    $1.00Pierce Their DefensesEvent1 U 103
    $1.00Pinned DownDilemma1 S 43
    $1.00Plague PlanetMission1 U 190
    $1.00Point Blank StrikeEvent1 U 104
    $1.00Power to the ShieldsInterrupt1 U 132
    $1.00PrakeshShipCar1 U 387
    $1.00Precise AttackEvent1 U 105
    $1.00Prejudice and PoliticsEvent1 U 106
    $1.00Primitive CultureDilemma1 U 45
    $1.00Process IdentificationEvent1 U 107
    $1.00Protection of the Tal ShiarInterrupt1 U 133
    $3.75Pursuit CourseInterrupt1 R 134
    OSPursuit Just BehindDilemma1 R 46
    $1.00Qo'noS, Heart of the EmpireMission1 S 191
    $1.00Qualor II RendezvousMission1 U 192
    $1.00Quarren Labor ShortageDilemma1 U 47
    $1.00Quest for the Sword of KahlessMission1 U 193
    $1.00Ranjen Koral, Student of B'halaPersonnelBaj1 U 222
    $4.00ReklarShipCar1 R 388
    $1.00Render AssistanceInterrupt1 S 136
    $1.00Rescue CaptivesEvent1 U 108
    $1.00Rescue PrisonersMission1 U 194
    OSResistance TacticsEvent1 R 109
    OSRetaya, Urbane PoisonerPersonnelNon1 R 342
    $1.00Riva, Respected MediatorPersonnelNon1 U 343
    $1.00Robin Lefler, Mission SpecialistPersonnelFed1 U 282
    $4.00Rom, Diagnostic and Repair TechnicianPersonnelBaj1 R 223
    $1.00Romulan Disruptor PistolEquipment1 U 69
    $1.00Romulan Intelligence NetworkEvent1 U 110
    $1.00Romulus, Seat of PowerMission1 S 195
    $1.00Runabout SearchMission1 U 196
    OSScimitar, PredatorShipRom1 R 413
    $1.00Search and RescueMission1 U 197
    $1.00Search for SurvivorsMission1 S 198
    OSSecret ConspiracyInterrupt1 R 137
    $1.00Security BriefingMission1 S 199
    OSSela, Mysterious OperativePersonnelRom1 R 367
    $1.00Selveth, Tal Shiar PilotPersonnelRom1 U 368
    $1.00Sensitive SearchMission1 S 200
    $1.00Sensor SweepInterrupt1 U 138
    OSSermonInterrupt1 R 139
    $4.00Serova, Warp Field TheoristPersonnelNon1 R 344
    $4.00SerrolaShipRom1 R 414
    $1.00Shady ResourcesInterrupt1 S 140
    $4.00Shakaar Edon, Resistance LeaderPersonnelBaj1 R 224
    OSShinzon, Capable CommanderPersonnelRom1 R 369
    $1.00Shinzon, Romulan PraetorPersonnelRom1 S 370
    $1.00SkullduggeryDilemma1 U 49
    $1.00Standard Cardassian ProcedureEvent1 U 111
    $1.00Starfleet Type-2 PhaserEquipment1 U 71
    $1.00Study Cometary CloudMission1 S 201
    $1.00Supervise Dilithium MineMission1 S 202
    $4.00Suran, Ambitious CommanderPersonnelRom1 R 371
    $1.00Surgery Under FireMission1 S 203
    $1.00Symbol of DevotionInterrupt1 U 142
    $3.75Sympathetic MagicDilemma1 R 51
    $1.00Tactical PlanningEvent1 U 112
    $1.00Taken PrisonerEvent1 U 113
    OSTal'Aura, Impatient SenatorPersonnelRom1 R 372
    $4.00TapestryEvent1 R 114
    $1.00Taris, Deceitful SubcommanderPersonnelRom1 U 374
    OSTasha Yar, Chief of SecurityPersonnelFed1 R 286
    OSTelek R'Mor, Astrophysical ResearcherPersonnelRom1 R 375
    $1.00TemptationDilemma1 U 53
    OSThe Albino, Killer of ChildrenPersonnelNon1 R 348
    $3.75The Moon's a Window to HeavenDilemma1 R 55
    OSThe Orion UnderworldEvent1 R 115
    $1.00The Pillage of BajorEvent1 U 116
    $1.00The PromiseInterrupt1 S 143
    $1.00The Reman MinesEvent1 U 117
    $1.00The Tides of FortuneInterrupt1 U 144
    $4.00The Viceroy, Shinzon's ProtectorPersonnelRom1 R 376
    $1.00ThexorPersonnelRom1 S 377
    $1.00Ties of Blood and WaterInterrupt1 S 145
    $1.00To Boldly GoEvent1 U 118
    OSTomalak, Beguiling AdversaryPersonnelRom1 R 378
    $1.00TortureInterrupt1 U 146
    OSTosk, The HuntedPersonnelNon1 R 350
    $4.00Trazko, Hired MusclePersonnelBaj1 R 226
    $4.00Twist of FateInterrupt1 R 147
    $1.00Ty Kajada, Relentless InvestigatorPersonnelNon1 S 351
    $1.00U.S.S. AkiraShipFed1 S 390
    OSU.S.S. Defiant, Prototype WarshipShipFed1 R 391
    OSU.S.S. Enterprise-E, Federation EnvoyShipFed1 R 392
    $1.00U.S.S. NebulaShipFed1 S 395
    $1.00U.S.S. SovereignShipFed1 U 396
    $1.00Uncover DNA CluesMission1 U 204
    $3.50Unscientific MethodDilemma1 R 58
    OSValdoreShipRom1 R 415
    OSVash, Treasure HunterPersonnelNon1 R 352
    $1.00Vastly OutnumberedDilemma1 U 59
    $1.00Verify EvidenceMission1 U 205
    OSVetarShipCar1 R 389
    $4.00Vreenak, Tal Shiar ChairmanPersonnelRom1 R 379
    $4.00Wesley Crusher, ProdigyPersonnelFed1 R 288
    $1.50William T. Riker, Number OnePersonnelFed1 S 289
    $1.00Winn Adami, Kai of BajorPersonnelBaj1 U 228
    $1.50Worf, Security Detail LeaderPersonnelFed1 S 290
    OSWorf, Strategic Operations OfficerPersonnelFed1 S 291
    $1.00Wormhole NegotiationsMission1 U 206

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